Best Dynamic Island app for Android

Apple officially announced the latest feature of the iPhone 14 series, namely Dynamic Island . So, what feature is it? And can Android users experience the same features too?


The rapidly developing world technology is indeed very difficult to contain, especially in the smartphone sector . For example, such as Apple smartphone developers . Not long ago, his party has launched its newest iPhone series, the iPhone 14, the smartphone brings many advanced features. But there is also one feature that is quite unique, namely Dynamic Island .


Dynamic Island is a feature on the iPhone 14 where the notification system brings new changes that are quite interesting and replaces the traditional notch that we have known so far.

After being announced some time ago, this feature has become a hot topic of discussion. Even many android users are also interested and want to try what the dynamic island feature looks like if it is installed on their smartphone .

Although this feature is available for the iPhone OS system, there is one developer who tried to adopt the feature and managed to port it to be able to enter the Android system in the form of an application. With the help of the application made by the developer , Android users can now experience this dynamic Island feature on their respective favorite smartphones .


What application is it? Yes, the application is a dynamic spot . Dynamic spot is an application that has functionality not much different from Dynamic Island .


1. Make sure before continuing that you have installed the Dynamic Spot application .

or you can use Dynamic Island Pro M*d

2. The second step, open the dynamic spot application then here you need to activate some access. Tap on select app then select Dynamic Spot app .

3. Next tap the Notification access menu , then tap and activate Dynamic Spot on notification access.

4. Tap the Picture menu on the screen , then in the pop up that appears, just tap Next.

5. Select the downloaded application menu in the accessibility sub menu and select dynamic spot again .

6. Activate the Use dynamic Spot menu , if all access has been activated tap the Done menu .

7. Select and activate Notifications then, tap the Applications menu .

8. Select any application that can be connected to the dynamic spot notification or you can select the All menu at the top. The result is as below when we are activating music . A punch hole notification appears at the top.


For those of you who can’t wait to try the dynamic Island system , of course the method above will be very suitable. The trick is also quite fast and easy to understand. Hopefully it helps, and don’t hesitate to comment in the comments column if there are problems.

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