How to Turn Website into Live Wallpaper on Android

Have you ever tried to turn a web page into a live wallpaper ? Surely, most of you have never tried it, right? So here wbyojna will give you tips to make a web page into a unique live wallpaper.


If we open the Play Store today, there will be countless applications such as widgets . Not only that, there are also many applications that are used to display the latest information and to beautify the appearance on the homescreen .

When we explore the virtual world through a web browser , sometimes we come across a web page that may display a pretty cool 3D live image. Unfortunately, users in general do not know how to make the web page into a cool wallpaper display on their respective smartphone homescreens . If you are curious about how to make it, you can continue reading this article to the end.


What is Live Wallpaper ? In short , Lively Wallpaper is an application that is able to turn a web page into a live wallpaper on our smartphone . The appearance of the application is quite simple and easy to understand.


As mentioned above, the advantage of this lively wallpaper is that it can turn a web page into a wallpaper. The web page that is displayed is not just a photo or video, but also a 3D model in it. Interestingly, everything on the web page is displayed in real time , so you can directly interact with the wallpaper like you’re browsing , pretty cool isn’t it?


1. Here we need additional applications, please download and install the Live Wallpaper application first

2. If the application is installed , open the application and then you will be directed to a search such as web browsers . Find the website that you will use. For example, here wbyojna will use the Earth nullschool website .

3. Next, all you have to do is tap the Set As Wallpaper menu and then tap Set Wallpaper again .

4. Choose where the live wallpaper will be used on the main screen and lock screen. Here you can also use many recommended sites to use as screen wallpapers . Use the recommended sites menu , then select one of the available ones.

5. You just use the Set as Wallpaper menu to apply it. The result is as below and you can directly interact with the wallpaper like you are browsing.


This Lively Wallpaper , is not just an ordinary wallpaper changer application . With its advantages, you can take advantage of unique websites to make your homescreen look more attractive and different from most of the others. And more importantly, you can interact with the live wallpaper that has been created. So it’s even more unique!

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