How to Use the Viral Explosion Filter on Instagram

The Explosion filter is currently viral on Instagram and other social media. However, there are still many users who don’t know how to get the filter. So, let’s find out below how to use the Explosion filter.


Instagram is a photo and video-sharing platform that is currently being enjoyed by many users. Its users often use Instagram to upload video and photo content posts from precious moments every day. Not only that, but Instagram can also be used as a social application for communication activities with other users, such as making direct messages to video calling.


Instagram itself has lots of interesting features, but there is one feature that is the mainstay and prima donna on Instagram, and that feature is the Filter feature. Where this filter is a camera effect that is added to Instagram which can beautify the content that we are taking or uploading. There are also various models, there are music filters, sounds, and other unique filters.

Instagram itself does not limit its users who also want to be creative on its platform. Therefore, we can see that there are lots of ig. camera filters that we can use from various creators in Indonesia and abroad.

There are also various types of Instagram filters, some are used for taking pictures, background musicgames, and many other cool filters. Recently, there is also a trend regarding Explosion filters. So, how do you get the filter and how to use it, let’s look at the tutorial below.


1. Open your respective Instagram application, then tap on the section to create a story or Story. In the camera filter section, swipe all the way to the left until you find the Explore effects menu.

2. Tap the search icon to search for effects, then type in the column that has ” Explosion “. Select the bomb image filter from the creator of mefekaradeniz as below.

3. Tap hands-free on the menu on the left, then to start using the filter tap on the middle shutterTap on the screen while recording so that the Explosion effect appears.


It’s easy, isn’t it? Thus a brief review of how to easily use the viral Explosion filter. Hopefully useful and good luck !

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