Photo transition effects app CapCut

The transition effect is one effect that is definitely available in all video editing applications. By utilizing transition effects, we can create interesting animations at every turn of photo slides in the videos we make.

In addition to using the transition effects that are already available in video editing applications, we can actually create our own transition effects. On this occasion, we will create a stacked photo video transition effect using the CapCut application. To be able to create a stacked photo transition effect in the CapCut application is very easy, we can follow the following steps.


1. Prepare at least three photos or more in the gallery of our smartphone device.

2. Now open CapCut app and then tap menu + New project . Select some pre-prepared photos and then tap Add to open a new worksheet in the CapCut app.

3. First of all, first change the video resolution format, tap the Format menu and then select the video resolution you want to use. Here the author chooses 9:16. Use two fingers moved in and out at the same time to zoom in and out of the photo. Do this step on all existing photos. And, then also set the time duration in all photos.

4. To make a video transition of overlapping photos on the first photo, tap  the second photo and select the Copy menu . Move the copy of the second photo below the first photo, tap the Overlay menu .

Long tap on the second copy of the photo and drag the photo in the middle of the first photo . Cut a copy of the second photo under the second photo, positioning the center line in the CapCut worksheet at the end of the first photo . Tap on the second copy of the photo and then select the Share menu .

5. Tap  on the second copy of the photo below the second photo and then tap on the Delete menu . Finally, we just need to remove the background on the second copy of the photo which is below the first photo. Tap  the second copy of the photo and then tap the Remove background menu . Wait for some time until the CapCut application finishes removing the photo background.

6. Done, the video transition of the first photo to the second photo has been completed. Do the same steps to make the video transition of the second photo to the third photo and so on. This is more or less the video transition view of the first photo to the second photo.

With just a few steps above, we can now create stacked photo video transition effects in the CapCut application. After all the transition effects have been created on all the photos, we can add text and music to the video. That’s it and good luck.

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