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Everything that is unique on social media today is indeed very fast to go viral. As is the case with making photos sing. Well, if you are also looking for a way to make still photos into singing, you can follow the tutorial below.

How to Make Moving & Singing Photos

Advances in technology today are indeed constantly developing and improving. Today’s technology has made our work easier. The convenience obtained makes many people more literate about technology and increasingly challenged to present and develop creativity in the field of technology.


One of the technological advances that is quite sophisticated today is artificial intelligence or what we often know as Artificial Intelligence . Artificial intelligence or AI has been widely used in modern technology, including in the editing world .


Technological sophistication combined with creativity can indeed produce something extraordinary. With modern technology that is increasing, even in our hands like smartphones , making photos that were previously still moving and singing is certainly not a difficult thing.

This is also supported by the existence of social media applications that support the widespread dissemination of information such as TikTok. Post after post about moving photos is starting to get a lot on the TikTok application, so it’s no wonder many people are looking for ways to make their photos move and sing too. If you are also one of them then you can also make it yourself with the trick below.


1. Before proceeding, you must first download the Avatarify application on PlayStores.  Open the Avatarify application then tap the NEXT menu . Then you select the song animation template that has been provided.

2. Tap the Add Photo menu , then tap the Enable Access menu .

3. Grant access permission on Avatarify to access files on the device. Next you choose the photo that you want to sing. Tap on the face then tap the Animate menu .

4. Wait for the Generate Video process for a while, then if you can see the photo that sings and to save it, you just have to tap the Save and Share menu .


There are quite a lot of applications to edit a photo into motion. Each application has its own advantages and disadvantages, like the trick above you can also try to make photos sing and make your photos more interesting and different.

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