How to Convert male voice to female online

Doing a prank or prank has now become a hobby of modern people , because it is considered interesting and fun. You can also prank your friends by making male voices become female or vice versa. Want to try? Follow the article until it’s finished!


If we open the Play Store or the application market , of course there are many applications circulating to change the voice. However, in this tip, Inwepo will share how to do it without having to install the application. To find out how to do it, let’s see the step by step below.


1. Immediately open the Google Chrome application then in the search field type Go to the site then tap the Voice menu .

2. Select the Woman menu to choose to use a female voice. Next tap the RECORD menu to start recording your voice.

3. Tap the play icon to listen to the preview sound . Next , tap Save , then enter the title, author , and comments, then tap Save .

4. Tap the burger icon then tap the RECORDING menu . Then select the Your Recording menu .

5. Select your recorded sound, then tap the Download menu below to save the sound in your smartphone storage .


Very interesting tips isn’t it? Well, for those who have natural talent maybe it can be done manually. But for those who don’t have this ability, you can take advantage of technological sophistication. The process is quite easy and doesn’t take long. Good luck!

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