How to Change Hair Color on Telegram

If you want to change your hair color in real life, you only need to go to a salon or use a hair dye. But what if you want to change the hair in the photo? Well, for those of you who are curious, below is a trick!!


Editing photos is a very entertaining activity. Especially for anyone who really likes social media and uploads their unique photos. Developers also know about these needs, so currently there are various kinds of photo editor tools that have different abilities in processing photos.

Indeed, there are lots of third-party applications that we can install freely to help the editing process . For example, PicsArt, Canva, Ibis Paint and many other cool applications. We can use these applications to give a touch of editing so that our photos are more attractive manually.

Most people nowadays don’t want to be complicated and want instant things , especially when it comes to editing . For that you don’t need to worry, now there is an editor tool by utilizing artificial intelligence to help us in the editing process without us having to be tired of editing it manually. Especially just to change the hair color only. What editor application is that?


The application that you can use to edit hair color automatically is Telegram. Why Telegram? This chat application can also perform the automatic editing process because of the bot feature in the application.

No need to go into detail, of course, many of you understand what a bot is, right ? No need to linger, let’s just go to the tutorial to find out what the name of the bot is and how it works.


1. Open the Telegram application on your smartphone , then tap the search icon and search for the @pix2mix username then select the @ pix2mix bot .

2. Tap the Start menu at the bottom to start using the bot immediately . Then tap the attachment icon to add the photo you want to edit .

3. On the menu that appears select the Hair Color menu , then select the hair color that you will use, for example, here wbyojna will use brown or brown color.

4. Select the filter strength here there are 3 options. Strong, weak, and normal . After selecting the last filter the bot will send the results. To save your photo, just tap on the photo then select the save to gallery menu.


How is it not difficult right? This method is quite simple but the results are also satisfying. Especially for those of you who like it instantaneously without having to bother editing manually.

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